Friday, March 16, 2012

Jordana Electric Blue

Today I have a Jordana polish for you. I think this is the first of this brand that I have posted or worn! I have had this polish a while. It was one of the one's I bought back when I was first starting to collect polish. You could say it's from the 'vault.' Anyway, Electric Blue is a nice pearly light blue that is brilliant in the bottle. However I didn't understand why Jordana named it 'Electric' blue to begin with. I have to say these pics do it NO justice. I put it on and it was more opaque than I expected for one, but It lit up my nails like well Electricity! It was so bright that I immediately realized why they named it what they did.

2 coats Electric Blue. Seche.

You can see in the pics what looks like tip wear. It's not, the mani was fresh when I took pics but I think it did this because it was a shear polish...not sure. I don't wear light colors enough to know.

I always loved darker polish on my fair skin but I was really liking this shade on my nails. I was staring more than normal!
xo Meg

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