Friday, March 23, 2012

China Glaze Avalanche

I know I know, Think SPRING! but this polish is seriously needing some attention. I really love metallic finishes and I have NO idea why this one has been collecting dust. I only came to wear it by accident though, I was strapped for time and so I reached into a drawer and picked a polish at complete random. I don't even think I was looking! Sure enough this beauty ended up on my nails.

I have heard and read many things about this polish's formula. YES it is streaky. YES I love it and YES its worth wearing. I don't mind the streaks perhaps because I love the shade so much. I tell you one thing, this polish has made me want to invest in some more metallics.

2 coats Avalanche. Seche.

Ahh, I just love looking at it don't you? Any one have any suggestions for some metallics like this one?
xo Meg


  1. I've seen this one at Sally's everytime I am in there,and I pass it up,because it's looks too cool-toned to me,but on you it looks nice!

    1. Thanks! and to be honest I can't tell you why I bought it! But I am glad I did!

  2. maybe try some of the american apparel metallics?