Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Copy Cat! Layering Mani

Eeek! I can honestly say that I love this mani so much! I wore it for two days and was staring at it the whole time! I can't take credit for it though, I saw this design on another blog. Sarah from Chalkboard Nails did this layering mani and I immediately needed it on my nails! You can see her origional design here. I went out and bought Sally Hansen Glass Slipper and Revlon Royal just for this mani. This is neat because it creates the effect of blue flakies.

Black Creme. Generous layer of Glass Slipper. Royal. Seche.


I hope you like, I look forward to trying this layering concept with other jellies!
xo Meg

Monday, February 27, 2012

Teal/Blue Franken

This is a polish that I made a while ago and preceded to sit in my tray of untrieds..don't we all know how that goes! This I made out of teal, green and blue polish to create this. I wouldn't call it a duochrome however it does take on different colors in different lighting.

2 coats teal. Seche.

These photos below are taken outside on an overcast day as opposed to the ones above inside. Excuse the wrinkling and tip wear, unfortunately this is what work does to my nails :/.
Two different personalities huh?
xo Meg

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Ombre Black to White Nails

Whatcha Think? I have seen pics of similar manicures that go from one color to another. This is my play on this design. I like it, its simple, plain and not very colorful. But when I had it on I kept looking at it up close then far away and then back up close!

These pics are taken with 2 coats of each shade with no topcoat. White to Black the polishes are: White, ChG Pelican Gray, ChG Recycle, ChG Concrete Catwalk, Black Creme.

Hope you Like. xo Meg

Friday, February 24, 2012

Revlon Sugar Plum Swatch

I tell you what, Revlon has emerged as one of my favorite polishes lately. I have easy access to them and they have definitely been catching my attention. Sugar Plum is so lovely and I can't stop looking at my nails! Its not pink or purple or red. Its like a maroon with pink undertones with shimmer. Its a silver cap which I'm not sure what that means with Revlon. I haven't seen this shade before so my assumption is that its new but don't quote me on that.

Excuse my cuticles. Its a result of stress and I am working on it. I hope they will be healed in a few weeks.

2 coats Sugar Plum. Seche.

I hope you like this lovely shade. I know I do :)
xo Meg


I know I haven't reached any milestones that warrant a giveaway but hey, I stumbled upon a great deal on some Essie polishes and decided to share them! Unfortunately the reason they were such a good deal is because they all have the same label. They all have the name of Clambake even though only one of them is the real Clambake. I don't know how to go about finding the names of the other polishes, I have looked at swatches and am 90% sure I have the correct names for you guys.

I am going to run this giveaway for two weeks after which I will choose one winner for these Essie polishes. (Contest ends Thursday March 8 at Midnight) The winner will have 48 hours to email me their mailing information so I can send them. Entries will be collected via the widget below, don't forget to return everyday to get as many as possible!

 (I THINK) Clambake, Brown Little Dress, I couldn't find a swatch I was comfortable matching with this red, Midnight Cami and I am pretty sure the last pink is Status Symbol.
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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

My First Jelly Sandwich!!

I'm growing up! haha, I have been doing this blog consistently for about 2 months now and I want to start doing things that the other blogs are doing. I really like the look and idea of jelly sandwiches so I decided to give it a go. I went through my stash to find my possible jelly polishes. I don't have that many but a new wet n wild megalast (Sugar Coat) turned out to be an unlikely candidate. I bought Wet n wild Party of 5 Glitters especially for this occasion because it has multi sized and multi colored glitter.

This manicure also doubles for Pink Wednesday! Another first!

(Lots of layers) Sugar Coat. Party of 5. Sugar Coat. Party of 5. Sugar Coat. Seche. 

Love this! I wore it for three days! I can't even remember when I last wore a mani that long.
Well I hope you like, I splurged quite a bit in the last couple of days so look forward to some awesome new polishes!
xo Meg

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Rainbow Leopard Print!

Wearing my black holo polish made me really want some color. All colors actually. So I broke out the old konad m57 for some animal print. I was thinking zebra but I ended up with leopard print in many colors over my black holo! I like it! Its fun and bright and perfect for breaking out of the winter blues.

I stamped with konad yellow, light blue, purple, bright pink and green with Konad m57, standard stamper and scraper. No Topcoat over stamping.

Hope you like! More Stamping coming!
xo Meg

Monday, February 20, 2012

Color Club Covered In Diamonds

Today I have a guest post on Glazed Talons! You can check it out here! I have the same polish for my post today only with a different base, over black. It gives Covered In Diamonds as whole new personality!

Yet another polish from my transdesign haul. Covered In Diamonds is a large multi colored flakie that applies like a nightmare but looks like a million bucks! Unfortunately I had difficulty applying this polish because it was goopy and chunky at the same time..if thats even possible..

1 coat black creme. 1 coat Covered in Diamonds. 2 coats gelous. 1 coat seche.

Hope you like!
xo Meg

Sunday, February 19, 2012

China Glaze Midtown Magic

I don't even know how to begin this post. I think I am now complete that I have found Midtown Magic. I have always loved dark polishes and this is the perfect shade and amount of glitter. I swatched this and stared and stared and gorgeous. Its a brown polish packed with a golden glitter.

Bottle Shot. 2 coats.

 You truly need to see this polish in person to appreciate its beauty.
xo Meg

Saturday, February 18, 2012

China Glaze Atlantis

GLITTER! China Glaze Atlantis! This holographic glitter suspended in a green jelly base is so sparkly and spectacular.. I was fortunate to have done this mani the night before a very nice and sunny day so my nails sparkled all over the place! It got the attention of everyone which I love because there is nothing better than someone asking, "Thats pretty, what color is that?"

1 coat ChG Four Leaf Clover. 2 coats Atlantis. 1 coat Gelous. 1 coat Seche.

Hope you like! More glitter coming soon!
xo Meg

Friday, February 17, 2012

Sinful Colors Cinderella

Cinderellie Cinderellie! The name could not be more fitting for this color! Cinderella is a light blue jellyish polish with a pink shimmer. I say jellyish because the consistency of this polish is off. Its thick which makes for the need for 3 coats due to the uneven first couple coats. I started to try and smooth out the first coat but the polish globbed up on the brush. It was like it was drying super fast. As you can see in the pics you can still see my smile line a little. However it is a pretty color. I don't know if I would have bought it if there wasn't so much hype surrounding this color lately.

3 coats Cinderella. Seche.

xo Meg

Sinful Colors Unicorn

I bought this color because Sinful Colors were $.99 this week and because I have been on the hunt for a good yellow for about a month. I didn't realize how hard it is to find a good yellow creme. I don't know what it is about yellow pigment but I feel like it makes the polish weird. The first 2 coats were extremely streaky and uneven. I thought a third coat would smooth it out but it took four hefty coats to get it to look like this. As you can see its opaque but its not smooth.

4 coats Unicorn. no topcoat.

 More Sinful Colors on the way!
xo Meg

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Nail Mail!

So Today I got my order from Dandy Nails Blog Sale which you can check out here. I got some wonderful polishes from her. I encourage you all to check out her blog, she is so nice!

I also went to Walgreens with the intension of getting Party of 5 Glitters from WNW for a jelly sandwich. I ended up with that and 2 additional polishes! So much for a no buy right?

(Polishes in haul that aren't pictured in the bottle shots below) Glaze Agent Lavender, WNW Party of 5 Glitters, Sinful Colors Unicorn
 These three are from the Tronica Collection: Techno Teal, Laser Lime and 3D Fantasy

 China Glaze Midtown Magic
Color Club Worth the Risque
Sinful Colors Cinderella

Stay tuned for swatches coming soon! xo Meg