Friday, March 1, 2013

Influenster Sweetheart Voxbox!

So you may have read about my previous experiences with Influenster. They are this company that you can sign up for who puts together 'voxboxes.' These boxes include products the companies want to get out there, have a new product 'get it's feet wet' or it could be a new company entirely. Either way, people like me get the boxes in the mail and test the products and give my opinion.

I received the sweetheart voxbox and wanted to give my first impressions. I have not used any of the products  for a length of time but wanted to give you an idea of what I think of them so far.

1. The first is Secret Clinical Strength Stress Response in the scent Serene Citrus. Now I don't know if 'stress response' is new itself? But I know that Clinical Strength is not new. I like the packaging, it is warm and makes me want to look at it. The best thing is the smell! LOVE LOVE LOVE this smell. I just want to leave it open on my table so my house can smell like this!

I applied it once, after getting home from a walk when I had not previously put deodorant on that day, and I could easily smell the Secret through my shirt, you know, without having get all up in my own personal space to see if I smell good. ha ha

2. Olay Fresh Effects {VA-VA-VIVID!} - I am assuming this is a new product as I have never seen it before, I could be wrong though. In this package you get a .67 oz. tube of product along with vibrating face brush (battery included.) The vibration is soft and steady with flexible rubber bristles. I put it on my face and it seems like its going to be very cleansing to use.

The product itself smells like a classic Olay beauty bar, Which I love! I use them in the shower everyday so it was a pleasant surprise. :)

3. Not your Mother's Beach Babe Texturizing Sea Salt Spray - Love the smell of this one too! If you close your eyes and smell this, the visual that comes to mind is the salty beach with coconut sunscreen. It is heaven! I am excited to use this product even though my hair is 'beachy'  already. I'll have to post before and after pics so you can see.

4. Skinny Girl On-the-go Bar in Greek Yogurt Blueberry Crisp- The name 'skinny girl' just gives me a boost of confidence, When I read the label to myself I smile inside. :) The flavor makes me want to eat it immediately! However I needed to write this first impression first. Probably will eat it after I finish this, or now :)

I will have a post in a few weeks with more details and how I feel about this great products!

I have received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes.