Sunday, June 24, 2012

Untried 8: Zoya Lola

Late! I Know! Yesterday was my wedding reception so Iwas super busy! I will try to get a post together about that as well so you can see a little about that too. ;) I am also going to try sooooo hard to get another untried posted for you today also.

Today I have Zoya Lola. I swapped for this polish this spring after the China Glaze Neons started popping up. I was lemming them but I knew I didn't have the money. I decided to swap for this and I am SOO happy I did! I am not a pink person but I love how bright this shade is.

2 Coats Lola. No topcoat.

Hope to post later too! Stay Tuned!
xo Meg


  1. Lola is at the top of my Zoya list,..just need a good promooo.

    Grats on the wedding!!

    1. thanks! and yes, you need Lola in your life!