Friday, June 29, 2012

My Wedding! ( Reception!)

Yay! Megan's getting married! I know this has nothing to do with nails, but I thought some of you might wanna catch a glimpse into my life outside manicures. This post is my planning of our reception from when we got engaged all the way until the big day! I hope you all enjoy.

I know this sounds funny but one of the first things I thought after we got engaged was, "What am I going to wear on my nails?!?!" Immediately my mind went to a subtle yet beautiful white polish with glitter and texture. The next week I saw the first swatches for the NYCBallet Collection by OPI. Not going to lie, I didn't give them a second look. But I fell in love with them after I looked at swatches for the 20th time. I NEEDED the white jelly and the glitter STAT! When I got them in my possession naturally I put them on right away. To no surprise it became my favorite and I fell for these nails. :)

(4 coats Don't Touch My Tutu! with 1 coat Pirouette My Whistle)

For a June wedding I wanted to do something special with the colors. I wanted them to make a statement but also be calm and beautiful. I went with fake flowers because unfortunately real flowers cost an arm and a leg. After spending hours in the flower department I decided on these.

And these are the arrangements for the tables.

Initially the colors I chose for the wedding came from paper my mom had in her scrapbook room. We came up with these invites with that paper.

YUM! I made the cakes myself, and I was so busy I only got a picture of one of the four! This cake is chocolate with peanut butter frosting, a favorite in my family!

We are moving soon so Mykel and I decided to have a 'money tree' of sorts. I found the most adorable little wooden suitcase at a craft store and decided to make it a holder for cards. I think this was my favorite part of the whole reception!

And last but not least are these little baskets that I filled with chocolates. I put these on the tables for people to munch on as well as take home as a favor.

I hope you liked my mini tour of my reception!
xo Meg

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