Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Influenster Review: Sally Hansen Salon Effects

Today I have another Influenster Review for you. Sally Hansen Salon Effects are real nail polish strips that apply to the nail and wear like traditional nail polish. I was excited to finally try these! Below are pictures of the packaging, contents and my application of these strips. This post is extremely long as I am walking you through the process of application.

A few great things about Sally Hansen Salon Effects are that there is no dry time for this product. You put them on and your good to go! There are 40 great shades and styles to choose from. They last up to 10 days and can be removed whenever you want with nail polish remover. Lets get to the pictures!

The side of the packaging shows three easy steps for application.


I was sent the shade 210, Frock Star which is a multi colored glitter. It reminds me of some polishes I own and love! I love glitter so I couldn't be happier with Frock Star!

The package also comes with more detailed instructions on how to apply the polish strips.

The file used in applicating the strips. A cuticle stick and the strips themselves.

I removed the strips and selected the ones that fit my nail size/shapes the best and layed them out for easy pick up later on. As you can see one of the strips I have layed out is cut. This is because I have small nail beds and I couldn't find a strip even close to my index finger size. I easily cut a larger strip to fit. I did this for both index fingers.

Next I peeled the clear protective covering from the nail strip. There is a blue tab for easy access.

Next, I removed the polish strip from it's paper backing.

I removed the square tab on the end of the nail strip and picked which end fit the shape of my nail bed best. I set the nail strip on my nail where I wanted to place it.

I pressed the nail strip onto my nail firmly, using the cuticle stick provided to make sure the edges were secure.

I pulled the strip slightly down and over the free edge of my nail to secure the design further on my nail and to give me a crisp edge to file away the excess nail strip.

I found that by folding the nail strip in half (Shown below) made the nail strip form to the natural curve of my nail better when pulling it over the free edge. This helped me a lot because I have very curved nail beds. This part was not in the directions provided.

After I used the file provided to get rid of the excess polish strip I was pretty much done! I have to say I was surprised at how much they felt like real nail polish. I expected to feel like I had a sticker on my nails but I didn't! I loved the design I was sent, and I hope you all give these a try!

I had a problem child along the way, you can see the silver glitter hanging over my free edge. This happens with traditional glitter polish also so it is no biggie. I simply cut it even with my free edge with small scissors.

The picture below is after one full day of wear. I did the dishes and other everyday activites and their is only the slightest sign of tip wear which I think you can kind of see in the pics I took right after I put them on. As you can see this option is great for people who might not be way into doing their nails like some of us ;) I only ended up wearing the strips for a few days because of a bad break I got at work shortly after. Even though I only wore them for 2 days I can say they were maintenance free and I didn't have to think about my nails at all, but I knew they looked fabulous!

 I hope you all liked my review. Stay tuned for more!

xo Meg

I was sent the above mentioned product(s) by Influenster for my honest review.


  1. Wow! I never would have guessed these are strips!! Gorgeous <3

    Great idea about cutting them to size - I'll need to try that because finding one to fit my ring finger is always a challenge :/