Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Homemade Polish! Red Holo :) Yum

So I was drooling over the Hits No Olimpo Collection which consists of 12 outrageously holographic shades that are to die for. I was going to purchase them but shipping to the US also is outrageous...I will be purchasing them, just not at the moment.

This made me remember that I got some spectraflair pigment for Christmas and I could try and make a holo polish myself. I ended up with this! I just added a whole bunch of the pigment to sa no name red polish that I added some yellow and orange to to make it brighter.. Not Hits Holo but it still looks super sparkly!

I wished the pics did it justice. I will revisit when it is summer and sunny so they will really shine!
xo Meg

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