Thursday, May 3, 2012

Layering Experiment #1

Hi all! Today I have a little layering experiment for you. I decided that I wanted to create a cool effect so I dug out some shear polishes and ones I knew would be good for layering. I sat with my nail wheel for about an hour trying out different polishes and color schemes until I came up with a few I liked.

The mani I am showing you today is neat because it mixes warm and cool colors. I started with a base of Chine Glaze Crimson, a very vampy purple (looks black in most light.) It turned out to be a better base than I expected. Next I layered Hard Candy Beetle. This is the pink contributing factor. Lastly I added 10 Professional Birthday Suit which is a greenish blue shimmer. I absolutely love this combo, I think its just the right balance of warm and cool like I said before.

2 coats Crimson. 1 coat Beetle. 1 coat Birthday Suit. Seche.

Doesn't that green just sparkle? ;)
xo Meg