Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Stamping with Pure Ice and Sally Hansen

           Hey all! Today I did some testing to see which shades of common drug store polishes work well with Konad Stamping. The colors I used on my nails were Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear.

           From left to right the colors are Wet Cement, Gunmetal, Very Cherry, Blue me Away! and Green with Envy. I applied two coats of each to give a good foundation for the stamping.

           On my pinkie, ring and middle fingers I stamped with plate m79. The pink on my pinkie is Pure Ice China Girl. (All stamping colors are pictured below) The white on my ring finger is Jordana White. My middle finger was stamped with Pure Ice Wild Thing.

           I used plate m57 for my pointer with Pure Ice Excuse Me. Its a metallic yellow that didn't show up so great but I think it would if it were stamped on a lighter color. My thumb is stamped with LA Colors Color Craze #580. Of all the colors I used today I think this worked best.

The white polish I used worked really well for being a cheaper brand which makes me happy because affordable is always a good thing. :)

 xo Meg

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