Sunday, July 1, 2012

Untried 17: China Glaze Fast Track

Horrible pictures I know. This post is purely to satisfy the requirement for my untried for today. Better late than never right? I told myself I was going to do this challenge successfully and even with my crazy life, I am going to do my best to hold up to that.

China Glaze Fast Track from the Hunger Games Collection. I love how it matches my skin tone, but in the light you have that gold shimmer. Two coats without topcoat.

Glitter Glitter Sparkle Sparkle! Love.
xo Meg


  1. This is still in my untrieds too. Such a pretty color, but its hard to photograph....thats probably why its still untried for me :P

    1. And it makes me have ghost hands! I did love it on though..

  2. Yum! I never ended up picking this one up so I'm glad to have seen a swatch!!

  3. LOVE!!!! i own this but still have not used it on myself! i need to with the program i guess. miss you!

  4. this is very pretty isn't it?!